Bizjak-Ogrinc U, Senčar S.
Sex Med. 2021 Oct;9(5):100406. doi: 10.1016/j.esxm.2021.100406

Introduction: Female genital cosmetic surgery includes traditional surgical procedures resulting in alterations in genital size, appearance, and function as well as cosmetic vulvar and labial procedures. Vaginal labiaplasty, the surgical reduction of the labia minora as a treatment for labia hypertrophy, is becoming more and more common and there are many different techniques with no optimal approach suggested.

Aim: The purpose of this study is to report on a "sutureless" laser labiaplasty and to evaluate the efficacy and safety of this technique.

Methods: A retrospective chart review analysis of all 80 patients who underwent laser labiaplasty between February 2015 and April 2018 was conducted.

Main outcome measures: Women were asked about or checked for side effect and answered a questionnaire regarding their satisfaction.

Results: Majority of women did not report of any side effect, 7 reported wound infection, bleeding was reported by 1 patient, and 1 woman reported hematoma formation. All of the patients reported high satisfaction. There were no partly satisfied or dissatisfied patients.

Conclusion: Sutureless laser labiaplasty is a safe and effective way of improving women's lives and is associated with a high degree of patient satisfaction. U. Bizjak-Ogrinc, S. Senčar. Sutureless Laser Labiaplasty of Labia Minora. Sex Med 2021;9:100406.

Keywords: Labiaplasty; Laser; Sutureless.

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