LA&HA Master’s Program in Laser Dentistry

Boost your professional career in dentistry to new levels by becoming a Master in Laser Dentistry.

The Laser and Health Academy (LA&HA) offers a comprehensive Master’s Program that provides everything you need to know to become a skilled laser specialist. Key benefits of the LA&HA Master’s Program include:
• 200 hours of active training by high-level industry experts and skilled professionals in multiple fields of dentistry
• Module-based training in a supportive and highly functional educational setting with the most efficient and up-to-date laser technologies
• Hands-on clinical training sessions with close supervision at advanced and highly experienced dental laser centers.

As we're adapting to the novel Corona-virus, we too have transferred a portion of our classes to online learning portals, to make them accessible to our enrolled students for the time being. This temporary solution will enable both students and lecturers to share knowledge freely and in a safe manner.

On-line modules are composed of a series of per-recorded sessions, complemented by »live Zoom« Q&A sessions with a clinical expert on each topic.

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Objectives & Curriculum

The LA&HA Master’s Program in Laser Dentistry is an educational curriculum designed by the Laser and Health Academy to provide participants with a comprehensive level of knowledge about basic and in-depth laser principles as well as the skills and competency needed for using Fotona dental laser systems in a range of dental specialties. Participants are required to have a DDS diploma and at least 3-years of experience in dentistry. During the Program, participants are expected to gain advanced knowledge, skills and the confidence to use a Fotona dental laser system safely and successfully in their dental practices.
The program consists of theoretical lessons, hands-on activities, individual study, as well as the observation and performance of live clinical operations. After each module, the participant’s learning improvement is assessed by examination. By the end of the program, participants are required to perform and present their own laser-assisted clinical cases from among all dental specialties.
After successful participation in the Master’s program, participations will receive the following title issued by the Laser & Health Academy:

LA&HA Master in Laser Dentistry

The award ceremony takes place every year during the LA&HA Symposium.


Participants can finish the LA&HA Master’s Program within one year, in five modules for 3-4 days at a time. There is also an option to extend attendance over a maximum of three years.
Between the modules, participants are required to learn by themselves, as well as assess their own knowledge on-line. This modular approach enables participants to implement their knowledge and skills in the dental office immediately after each module. The program involves 200 active hours of training.


Participants can choose the most appropriate location for the clinical modules from the list of LA&HA’s partnering dental education centers.


The official language of the LA&HA Master’s Program is English.



LA&HA provides the most qualified speaker for each topic from a pool of experienced LA&HA lecturers and university professors who are cooperating in a variety of workshops and seminars offered by LA&HA.

LA&HA Master’s Program Topics

• Laser physics
• Laser safety
• Laser interactions with biological tissues
• Operating Fotona dental laser devices
• Laser-assisted conservative dentistry
• Laser-assisted endodontics
• Pediatric dentistry with lasers
• Laser-assisted periodontics and soft-tissue surgery
• Laser-assisted orthodontics
• Facial aesthetics and NightLase® laser treatments
• Photobiomodulation and pain control
• Updates on current laser technology and laser applications
• Updates on recently published scientific articles

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