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LA&HA - Journal of the Laser and Health Academy, volume: 2016, number: 1Volume: 2016 | number: 1
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CASE REPORT: Skin Resurfacing with Er:YAG – the Lost Art of Deep Skin Resurfacing

Oleg Matyunin
Pages: 41-44

The process of aging affects all human organs, including the skin. In addition to the effects of chronological aging, human skin is also exposed to the outside environment. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is of particular importance in so-called photo-induced skin damage. This can present as deep wrinkles, roughness, sallowness, hyperpigmentation, laxity and telangiectasia. Different treatment options are available for the treatment of skin affected by chronological and photo-induced aging, with chemical peels, dermabrasion and laser resurfacing being three of the most commonly used procedures. There seem to be several advantages of laser treatment over chemical peels and dermabrasion, with one of the most useful being the ability to control ablation depth. The most commonly used lasers for facial resurfacing are Er:YAG and CO2 lasers, which both work by vaporizing the damaged layer of surface skin.

This paper reports on a case of treatment of a severely damaged skin utilizing a 2940 nm Er:YAG laser (Dualis SP, Fotona). Impressive visual results can be achieved using a combination of planar (full spot) and fractional ablative Er:YAG short pulses.

Key words: skin resurfacing, Er:YAG laser.

Article: J. LA&HA, Vol. 2016, No.1. pp.41-44.

Received: March 10, 2016; Accepted: December 5, 2016

Skin Resurfacing with Er:YAG – the Lost Art of Deep Skin Resurfacing

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