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LA&HA - Journal of the Laser and Health Academy, volume: 2022, number: 1Volume: 2022 | number: 1
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Smooth Resurfacing by Hyper Stacking of Er:YAG Laser Pulses; a Histological and Clinical Study

Adrian Gaspar, Marcelo Tettamanti, Branka Korošec, Matjaž Lukač
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Non-ablative Er:YAG laser “smooth-resurfacing” of skin and mucosa has attracted significant attention in recent years due to the technique’s safety and excellent clinical results. The goal of this study was to histologically determine which smooth-resurfacing protocol is the most effective for skin regeneration, and to evaluate the contribution to the overall tissue regeneration process of the intense heat-shock biomodulation resulting from superficial heat-shock triggering.

The results of the study are consistent with previous reports indicating that Er:YAG laser smooth-resurfacing possesses a unique non-ablative regenerative characteristic, whereas the standard deep-thermal coagulation is accompanied and enhanced by the additional intense heat-shock biomodulation process.

When comparing different smooth-resurfacing protocols, the obtained immuno-histological data indicates that the most effective protocol is the HyperStack™ protocol based on hyper stacking of Er:YAG laser pulses, resulting in synergistic activation of both mechanisms, the superficial heat-shock triggering and the deep-tissue coagulation mechanisms.

The tissue regeneration process was observed to persist for more than 3 months following HyperStack™ smooth-resurfacing, with the total amount of positive fibroblasts located within skin depths of up to 1600 mm doubling at the 21-day follow up and increasing by four times at the 3-month follow up. Following HyperStack™ treatment of abdominal skin, the waist circumference was measured to decrease by 2 cm at 21 days, 5 cm at 3 months and 6 cm at 5 months.

Finally, based on the results of the study, a range of recommended HyperStack™ parameters is provided for treatments using the T-Runner robotic scanner.

Key words: Er:YAG, V-SMOOTH, resurfacing, smooth-resurfacing, heat shock triggering, variable heat shock, T-Runner scanner.

Smooth Resurfacing by Hyper Stacking of Er:YAG Laser Pulses; a Histological and Clinical Study

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