Journal of the Laser and Health Academy

Volume: 2007

Scientific Evaluation of VSP Nd:YAG Lasers for Hair Removal

dr. Ladislav Grad, Tom Sult M.D., Robin Sult R.N
Article: J. Laser Health Academy, Vol. 2007, No.2 (2007)

A variety of laser systems with varying wavelengths, pulse durations, spotsizes and energy fluences are currently used for hair removal. In this paper VSP Nd:YAG laser efficacy and safety were evaluated. We found that the modern, high-power, second generation VSP Nd:YAG laser systems with cold air cooling and scanner technology gave the best possibilities to adjust treatment parameters to the individual cases and thus optimize treatment efficacy while preserving the epidermis from unwanted damage.

J. Laser Health Academy, Vol. 2007, No.2 (2007)

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