LA&HA - Journal of the Laser and Health Academy

LA&HA - Journal of the Laser and Health Academy, volume: 2015, number: 1Volume: 2015 | number: 1
ISSN (print):1855-9913 | ISSN (web): 1855-9921
CASE REPORT: Laser Treatment of PWS Using a Combination of Q-s KTP and Long-Pulse Nd:YAG LasersPages: OnlineFirstMia Volovec, Lidija Volovec, Branka KorosecCASE REPORT: NightLase® Procedure - Laser Snoring and Sleep Apnea Reduction TreatmentPages: OnlineFirstJaana SippusCase Studies on the Use of a New Flat-top Handpiece for Biomodulation in Dentistry and MedicinePages: OnlineFirstAlberico Benedicenti, Andrea Amaroli, Wayne Seting, Alex Mathews, Stefano BenedicentiCASE REPORT: Specific Oral Bone Surgery Procedures Requiring the Use of Er:YAG Laser in QSP Mode for Optimal PerformancePages: OnlineFirstEvgeniy MironovHistological Effects of NightLase® in the Soft Palate of Rats: A Pilot StudyPages: OnlineFirstTugba Unver, Aslihan Usumez, Emre Aytugar, Tugçe KıranCASE REPORT: Laser Assisted Earlobe RepairPages: OnlineFirstOleg Matyunin, Anja PucerInvestigation of the Existence of an Electromagnetically Induced Mechanical Cutting Mechanism with Er:YAG LasersPages: OnlineFirstM. Lukac, T. Suhovrsnik, C. FilipicComparison of Methods for Measuring the Ablation Efficacy of Erbium Dental LasersPages: OnlineFirstMatjaz Lukac, Tomaz SuhovrsnikCASE REPORT: Combination of Er:YAG and Nd:YAG Laser for Treatment of WartsPages: OnlineFirstAna Maletic, Ines Maletic, Dusko MaleticSafety and Efficacy of Long-pulsed Nd:YAG Laser for the Treatment of Keloids - A Prospective Study of 39 KeloidsPages: OnlineFirstVenkataram Mysore, Madhulika MhatreTreatment of Acne Vulgaris with 1064 nm Nd:YAG LaserPages: OnlineFirstRuta Ganceviciene, Raimundas Meskauskas, Ausra BerzanskyteCASE REPORT: Combined Er:YAG and Nd:YAG Laser Treatment for Non-Invasive Body ContouringPages: OnlineFirstAdrian GasparTreatment of Venous Ulcer of the Lower Leg by Endovenous Laser AblationPages: OnlineFirstAndrej SikovecHypertrophic Inferior Turbinates and Treatment with Erbium YAG Laser - A Pilot Study with RCT DesignPages: S01Peter ÅhnbladApplications of Dual-Wavelength Lasers in Periodontal Procedures in AmericaPages: S02Alan DalessandroFrenectomy - Different Treatment TechniquesPages: S02Boris GaspircEr:YAG Laser Support as Intervention for Treating Peri-implantitis: Clinical and Scientific AspectsPages: S03Peter FahlstedtPhotobiomodulation with a New Flat-top Handpiece for Nd:YAG LaserPages: S03Alberico and Stefano BenedicentiSpecific Oral Bone Surgery Procedures Requiring the use of Er:YAG Laser in QSP Mode for Optimal PerformancePages: S04Evgeniy MironovDeep Dentin Treatment and Pulp Conservation: The Laser ApproachPages: S05Giovanni OliviPrecise Soft-tissue Surgery with LightWalkerPages: S04Ilay MadenLasers in EndodonticsPages: S05Giovanni OliviNightLase Procedure - Laser Snoring and Sleep Apnea Reduction TreatmentPages: S06Jaana SippusBreakthrough Aesthetic Laser Applications of "Smooth Mode" in DentistryPages: S06Harvey S. ShiffmanSuccessfully Integrating Lasers into Everyday Dentistry: Understanding & Addressing the Ergonomics, Workflow, and Safety ConcernsPages: S07Scott D. BenjaminThe New Straight-Tip Handpiece H14-NSPages: S07Kresimir SimunovicTattoo Removal with Two LasersPages: S08Melanie SchulzMy Experience with SP DynamisPages: S08Ashraf BadawiTreatment of Active Inflammatory Acne Vulgaris with 1064-nm Nd:YAG LaserPages: S09Ruta Ganceviciene, Raimundas Meskauskas, Ausra BerzanskyteThe Influence of the Patient’s Skin Type on Er:YAG and Nd:YAG Laser TreatmentsPages: S10Ilan KaravaniLaser Earlobe RepairPages: S10Oleg MatyuninCurrent Trends and Future Considerations in Laser Scar TreatmentPages: S11Jasmina KozarevTherapeutic Outcome of Melasma Treatment by Sequential-Pulse (Dual-pulse) 1064 nm Laser in Patients with Skin Phototypes I-IIIPages: S12Jasmina KozarevTattoo Removal - Nano vs PicoPages: S13Mark B. TaylorQX MAX Treatment of Acne VulgarisPages: S13Mark B. TaylorSequential Multilayer Tattoo Removal With Fractat StrategyPages: S14Leonardo MariniSpotless Multilayer Laser RejuvenationPages: S15Leonardo MariniHow Can we Treat Venous Ulcers with Endovenous Laser Therapy?Pages: S16Andrej SikovecNoninvasive Treatment of Snoring and Sleep Apnea with Erbium YAG LaserPages: S16Jesús Algaba GuimeraSolving PIH after Laser TreatmentsPages: S17Woraphong ManuskiattiUse of Er:YAG laser in DermatologyPages: S17Woraphong ManuskiattiThe Efficiency of Laser Onychomycosis Treatment with Er:YAG in Non-ablative ModePages: S18Borut ZgavecTreatment of Diabetic FootPages: CN01Mustafa Rüştü BaşkoruNd:YAG Anesthesia for Amalgam Removal and Composite RestorationPages: CN02Harvey ShiffmanLipLase™ Lip Enhancement ProcedurePages: CN03Harvey Shiffman

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