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LA&HA - Journal of the Laser and Health Academy, volume: 2017, number: 1Volume: 2017 | number: 1
ISSN (print):1855-9913 | ISSN (web): 1855-9921
Photoacoustic Endodontics Using the Novel SWEEPS Er:YAG Laser ModalityPages: 01-07Nejc Lukac, Blaz Tasic Muc, Matija Jezersek, Matjaz LukacCASE REPORT: Alveolar Bone Regeneration Using Nd:YAG LaserPages: 08-13Zelimir BozicResearch Study: Periodontal Tissue Regeneration Following Er:YAG and Nd:YAG Laser TreatmentsPages: 14-18Dr. Branka Korosec, Dr. Neza Koron, Dr. Zelimir BozicMulti-Center Retrospective Report of Periodontal Tissue Regeneration Following Twinlight® Periodontal TreatmentPages: 19-24Alan Dalessandro DDS, Harvey Shiffman DDS, Steven R. Pohlhaus DDS, Larry Lieberman DDSCASE REPORT: Restoring a Fixed-bridge Abutment with Advanced Endo/Perio Bone Destruction using TwinLight® Periodontal and PIPS® Endodontic TreatmentPages: 25-27Steven AbernathyMinimally Invasive Surgery in Pediatric Dentistry using Dental LasersPages: 28-32Dimitrios A. Velonis, Konstantinos TsolakisNasal Obstruction with Hypertrophic Inferior Turbinate: Treatment with Non-ablative Erbium YAG laser – a Pilot Study with Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trial DesignPages: 33-37

Peter Åhnblad

CASE REPORT: Male Laser Circumcision using 2940 nm Er:YAG LaserPages: 38-40Ago Harlim, Anze ZormanKTP 532 nm Q-switched Laser for Solar LentigoPages: CN01Ursa FlorijancicEr:YAG Laser for Acne ScarsPages: CN02Ursa FlorijancicTreatment of Striae Gravidarum and skin tightening of the abdomenPages: CN03Michelle StricklandBiomodulation for Pain ReliefPages: CN04Nguyen LinhlanOta nevus treatment with 1064 Nd:YAG Q-sw laserPages: CN05Dr. Abdullah YildizPost-Pregnancy Striae Rubra Treatment using Er:YAG LaserPages: CN06Shadya W. Ramdjan MD, Iñaki De Tejada MDTouchWhite® Teeth BleachingPages: CN07Nguyen LinhlanLaser Alveolar Preservation (LAP)Pages: CN08Dr. Thierry MalecaExogenous Ochronosis Er:YAG 2940 nm TreatmentPages: CN09Dr. Abdullah YildizNd:YAG Treatment of Venous LakePages: CN10Dr. Vesna Tlaker

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