LA&HA - Journal of the Laser and Health Academy


Volume: 2018 | Number: 1
ISSN (print): 1855-9913 | ISSN (web): 1855-9921

Dual Tissue Regeneration: Non-Ablative Resurfacing of Soft Tissues with FotonaSmooth® Mode Er:YAG Laser

Pages: 01-15

Matjaz Lukac, Adrian Gaspar, Franci Bajd

TightSculpting®: A Complete Minimally Invasive Body Contouring Solution; Part I: Sculpting with PIANO® technology

Pages: 16-25

Matjaz Lukac, Jernej Kukovic, Blaz Tasic Muc, Nejc Lukac, Matija Milanic

TightSculpting®: A Complete Minimally Invasive Body Contouring Solution; Part II: Tightening with FotonaSmooth® Technology

Pages: 26-35

Matjaz Lukac, Anze Zorman, Franci Bajd

Reduction of the Volume and Wrinkles under the Eyes using Non-Ablative 2940 nm Er:YAG Laser on the Lower Eyelid Palpebral Conjunctiva

Pages: 36-38

Kim Jong-Gu, Anže Zorman

NightLase®: Minimally Invasive Laser-Assisted Uvulopalatoplasty

Pages: 39-44

Dr. Harvey S. Shiffman DDS, Dr. Matjaz Lukac

Using long-pulsed KTP (532 nm) VERDE mode for vascular indications

Pages: 45-50

Urša Fratnik Florijančič

CASE REPORT: Benign Overgrowth of the Oral Cavity: Er:YAG Laser-assisted Treatment

Pages: 51-52

Maja Leban, Boris Gašpirc

Laser Therapy in Modern Dentistry: Simple and Precise

Pages: S01

Yue Ma

Laser Treatment Of Potencially Malignant Oral Disorders

Pages: S01

Luís Monteiro

Using the Modern and Highly Efficient Erbium Laser to Remove All Ceramic Veneers and Crowns

Pages: S02

Dmitri Malev

Enhanced Hydrophilicity of Dental Implant Surfaces Through the Use of PIPS®/SWEEPS® - Achieving Successful Primary Implant Stability and Accelerated Osseointegration

Pages: S02

Toshiaki Yoshino

Alveolar Laser Preservation Protocol Using Erbium and Nd:YAG Irradiation

Pages: S03

Thierry Maleca

Peri-implantitis Treatment Protocol

Pages: S03

Shlomo Via

Laser Treatment - Addition or Addiction - Extravagance or Essential Standard in Dental Surgery?

Pages: S03

Michal Nawrocki

Minimally Invasive Approach to Prosthetic and Aesthetic Dentistry using the LightWalker Laser System

Pages: S04

Bogdan Crişan, Liana Crişan, Horaţiu Rotar, Adrian Petruţiu, Darius Tomina, Cristina Dinu, Cristian Dinu

Microbiological Evaluation of Neodymium and Erbium Lasers on Oral Pathogens

Pages: S04

Kinga Grzech-Leśniak

The Non-invasive, NightLase® Erbium:YAG Laser Outpatient Treatment for Snoring

Pages: S05

Isabelle Fini Storchi

A Non-Invasive Laser Treatment for Snoring - the "New" Paradigm

Pages: S05

Luis Miguel Corte-Real

Treatment of Pigmented Lesions with the Fotona StarWalker Laser

Pages: S06

Ruben Del Rio

Versatility of the SP Dynamis in Aesthetic and Clinical Practice

Pages: S06

Ivan Peev

Limitation of Selective Photothermolysis Theory

Pages: S07

Hakeem Eltarky

Laser Treatment in the Management of Hemangiomas and Capillary Vascular Malformations in the Head and Neck Region

Pages: S07

Paula Lozanova, Simeon Georgiev

Management of Ageing in Brown Skin by Lasers

Pages: S08

Venkataram Mysore

TwinLight Applications in Facial Rejuvenation

Pages: S08

Tamara Meissnitzer

Histological Changes in Skin During the Process of Aging and Improvements Observed with the Use of Combined Laser Radiation

Pages: S09

Natalia Shanina

New Rejuvenation of the Lips with Erbium:YAG and Nd:YAG laser

Pages: S10

Natasa Teovska Mitrevska

Treatment of Rhinophyma with Erbium:YAG

Pages: S10

Natasa Teovska Mitrevska

Laser Blepharoplasty

Pages: S11

Vitaly Igumnov

AFR Er:YAG with PRP for Stretch Marks – a Comparison of Three Different Methods of PRP Administration

Pages: S11

David Topchian

Non-Surgical Periorbital Rejuvenation – A Holistic Approach

Pages: S11

Lucas LC Chia

Treatment of Recalcitrant Melasma with Erbium:YAG Laser

Pages: S12

Lucas LC Chia

Skin Conditioning Prior to Aesthetic Laser Treatment - the Way to Minimize Risks of Complication

Pages: S12

Piotr Sikorski

Efficacy and Safety of the Fotona TightSculpting Method on Body Shaping and Skin Tightening

Pages: S13

Krisztina Vas, Zsuzsanna Besenyi, Ashraf Badawi, Lajos Kemény

Successful Intra-Anal Smooth Laser Treatment for the Symptoms of Rectal Prolapse: A Case Report

Pages: S13

Lasarus Mitrofanoff, Piotr Sikorski

Treatment of Lichen Sclerosus with Erbium:YAG Laser – an Option to Consider

Pages: S14

Cesar Arroyo, Andrea Perez, Laura Muñoz

Use Of Erbium:YAG Laser in the Complementary Treatment Of Vulvar Lichen Sclerosis

Pages: S14

Gómez-Frieiro, Laynez-Herrero

NightLase® Smooth Mode Protocol

Pages: CN01

Dr. Mirjana Janjic

Nevus of Ota Treatment with 1064 nm QS Nd:YAG Laser

Pages: CN02

Dr. Yesim Akpinar Kara

Treatment of Spider Veins on the Nose

Pages: CN03

Anže Zorman

Er:YAG Matrixectomy

Pages: CN04

Dr. Lidija Volovec

SmoothEye – Periocular Rejuvenation with Er:YAG SMOOTH Mode

Pages: CN05

Dr. Tania Phillips

Q-Switched Laser for Treatment of Freckles

Pages: CN06

Dr. Nguyen Linhlan

Active Acne Treatment with StarWalker

Pages: CN07

Dr. Chua Cheng Yu

Laser-Assisted Lateral Sinus Lift with Implant Placement in Stages

Pages: CN08

Dr. Harvey Shiffman

Tattoo Removal with Er:YAG Predrilling

Pages: CN09

Dr. Yanina Nachman-Lee

Pyogenic Granuloma

Pages: CN10

Vesna Tlaker

Laser-Induced Optical Breakdown - Acne Scars Treatment

Pages: CN11

Pedro Alberto Santos

Treatment of Scar Contracture with a Combination of Fractional Er:YAG and Madecassol® 1% Cream

Pages: CN12

Dr. Ivan Peev

Treatment of Lichen Planus Pigmentosus (LPP) with combined FRAC3 and Q-Switched Nd:YAG

Pages: CN13

Drs. Sebastián and Julio Cesar Velez Ocampo

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