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LA&HA - Journal of the Laser and Health Academy

LA&HA - Journal of the Laser and Health Academy, volume: 2020, number: 1Volume: 2020
ISSN (web): 1855-9921
Influence of Different Absorption in Desiccated Tissue on Soft-Tissue Surgery with Er:YAG and CO2 LasersPages: onlineFirstMatjaz Lukac, Jernej Kukovic, Nejc Lukac, Franci BajdLaser, Ultrasound and Surgery - a Five-Step Combined Procedure for Scar RevisionPages: onlineFirstOleg Matyunin, Anže ZormanEffective and Safe Solar Lentigo Treatment with Frequency-Doubled Nd:YAG (532 nm) Laser – Our ExperiencesPages: onlineFirst

Nada Kecelj Leskovec, Barbara Kecelj

CASE REPORT: Treatment of a Traumatic Facial TattooPages: onlineFirst

Natalia Shanina, Alexander Vladimirovich Patrushev, Dmitry Vitalievic Makhonya, Anže Zorman

CASE REPORT: StarWalker VERDE for Treatment of Ephelides and LentigoPages: onlineFirstChua Cheng YuCASE REPORT: Treatment of Perianal Fistula using 1064 nm Nd:YAG LaserPages: onlineFirstNatalia Wahyudi, Jeanette Rachel Audrey Leo, Zdenko VizintinNon-Ablative Resurfacing of Mucosal Tissue by SMOOTH-Mode Er:YAG laserPages: S01Adrian Gaspar, Joachim Silva, Alicia Calderon, Viviana Di PlacidoCharacteristics of Functional Magnetic StimulationPages: S02Vincent Wong, Jorge Gaviria, Borut FondaHigh-Temperature Triggering of Soft-Tissue Regeneration by Er:YAG LaserPages: S03Nejc Lukac, Blaz Tasic Muc, Matjaz LukacAutoSWEEPS Modality of SkyPulse Endo Er:YAG LaserPages: S04Tomaz Ivanusic, Nejc LukacLeg Spider Veins TreatmentPages: CN01Anže ZormanComprehensive facial treatmentPages: CN02Gulsum DincXanthelasma RemovalPages: CN03Anže ZormanApicoectomy – Treatment of Chronic Apical PeriodontitisPages: CN04Andreas KlinkischMultimodal laser treatment for active acne with Nd:YAG and Er:YAG LaserPages: CN05Julio Cesar & Sebastián Vélez OcampoOne-Shot Venous Lake RemovalPages: CN06

Anže Zorman

Treatment of Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation with a combination of QS Nd:YAG Laser and long-pulse Accelera ModePages: CN07Wong Yeut Sun, MDOrthodontic Composite Splint RemovalPages: CN09Dr. Terry Rose, BSc., BDSApicoectomy – Chronic apical periodontitis treatmentPages: CN08Igor Križnar, PhD, dr. dent. med. spec. endodonticsOrthodontic Crossbite Correction – Mandibular Lingual Frenectomy & Removal of a Bonded RPEPages: CN10Dr. Terry Rose, BSc., BDS5D Rejuvenation with Pigmentation RemovalPages: CN11Dr. Clive R. Watson Mc LeanFracTAT™ Tattoo RemovalPages: CN12Nicole PelsterCombined Er:YAG and Nd:YAG Laser Skin Tightening TreatmentPages: CN13Myroslava Piroshenko, MDStarWalker® Golden 4D Treatment for Toning, Whitening and Rejuvenation in Asian skinPages: CN15WK Book

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