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LA&HA - Journal of the Laser and Health Academy


Volume: 2019 | Number: 1 | 2019
ISSN (print): | ISSN (web): 1855-9921

Ablation of CIN I and VAIN II Lesions with Er:YAG Laser

Pages: CB05

Dr. Claudia Pidal and dr. Luis Mansilla

Er:YAG Removal of Vulvar, Perineal, Anal and Intra-anal Condilomas

Pages: CB06

Dr. Claudia Pidal

Treatment of Vaginal Adenosis using a Fotona Dynamis R11 (G-set) or G-Runner (G-22) Handpiece

Pages: CB01

Dr. Adrian Gaspar

FracTat™ Tattoo Removal

Pages: CB02

Tove Nordahl, RN

Treatment of Linear Hypertrophic Scar with a Combination of Fractional Er:YAG and Guna MD-Tissue® Mesotherapy

Pages: CB03

Dr. Ivan Peev

New Protocol for Long-term Results in Melasma Treatments with Nd:YAG Laser Multi-pulse Skin Conditioning Approach

Pages: CB04

Sebastián and Julio Cesar Velez Ocampo

Safety and Effectiveness of the Combined Nd:YAG and Er:YAG Laser-assisted TightSculpting® Body Contouring Procedure

Pages: onlineFirst

Pham-Huu Nghi

CASE REPORT: Successful Intra-anal Non-ablative Er:YAG Laser Treatment for the Symptoms of Rectal Prolapse

Pages: onlineFirst

Lasarus Mitrofanoff, Piotr Sikorski

Nd:YAG Laser Treatment for Onychomycosis

Pages: CB07

Dr. Sharifah Alawadhi

Hair Bleaching with QS Nd:YAG

Pages: CB08

Dr. Taher H. Khalil, Eleanor Co Fauni

Combined Er:YAG and Nd:YAG Laser Treatment of Localized Gingival Overgrowth

Pages: onlineFirst

Mojca Trost, Boris Gaspirc

Minimally Invasive Er:YAG Laser-assisted Gingival Depigmentation

Pages: onlineFirst

Mojca Trost, Boris Gaspirc

SSP/SWEEPS Endodontics with the SkyPulse Er:YAG Dental Laser

Pages: onlineFirst

Tomaz Ivanusic, Matjaz Lukac, Nejc Lukac, Matija Jezersek

Ceramic Bridge Debonding

Pages: CB09

Dr. Dmitri Malev

Treatment of Residual Pigment in a Vitiligo Patient

Pages: CB10

Dr. Todd Remington

Full face resurfacing in one procedure

Pages: CB11

Dr. Oksana Naumova

Biomodulation with Nd:YAG for Treatment of TMJ Syndrome

Pages: CB12

Dr. Betul Gofteci

Tattoo Removal with Er:YAG Predrilling

Pages: CB13

Dr. Yanina Nachman-Lee

Treatment of Venous Malformation of the Oral and Lip Region with Nd:YAG Laser

Pages: onlineFirst

Mia Volovec Dodig, Lidija Volovec

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