Evgeniy Mironov: Specific Oral Bone Surgery Procedures Requiring the Use of Er:YAG Laser in QSP Mode for Optimal Performance

This lecture presents modern alternatives to classical oral-surgery procedures with the use of Erbium lasers, which allow a shorter recovery period, no recurrence and no need for antibiotic protection.

A minimally invasive approach provides more predictable results in different age groups of patients, minimizing the importance of the general condition of the patient on the success of the operation.

Methods for bone augmentation and bone sculpture, with a corresponding dosage of laser energy are shown, regulating the residual low energy as needed for indirect stimulation (or non-stimulation) of the neighboring tissues. For example, upon removal of the exostoses, it is not desirable to use too high power due to saturation of the target and the influence on the underlying tissues, with the consequent risk of stimulation of new exostoses. And opposite to this - on procedures for bone augmentation, additional stimulation is desired with a view to obtaining a larger volume of bone tissue. QSP mode allows the operator to have a fine-tuned dosage according to the specific goals of each procedure.

The author has developed Er:YAG-assisted methods such as:
- Trans-gingival flapless osteoplasty - Sub-periosteal cortical stimulation with autogenous graft PRF
- Immediate replacement of the non-integrated implant.

LA&HA Symposium 2015

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