Jorge Gaviria: Mapping for Fotona4D®

FOTONA 4D® is a 4-step procedure (based on 4 different laser irradiation modalities) that is done with several handpieces, which requires varying the parameters on the screen to deliver the proper energy. This can be very confusing for new users. Also, we have not standardized the number of passes, the number of shots or the energy to be deposit in each step. Since I started working with the protocol, I did step-by-step, pulse-by-pulse, pass-by-pass treatment planning with regular handpieces (basic on all systems). Now with the latest upgrade of software and the new “black screen” display, we can observe these settings and steps in real time during the execution of the procedure.

In this presentation I’ll show how we can use and take advantage of this new screen with different handpieces for every step (R11, PS03, PS03X with or without LA adapter). I’ll also show how Frac3 with R33 with 4 mm, 9 mm and S11, Piano with R33 9 mm, R34 15 and 20 mm, and L-Runner could be used. I’ll show my approach to SupERficial with PS03 / PS03X, R11, FS01, or F-Runner.

For those who have the T-Runner, 5D can incorporate 2 additional steps of passes for superficial and deep skin tightening with V-Smooth. Step by step instructions with counters will be shown in videos as well as in the pictures of screen shots, with parameters for different handpieces. The results of my approach to 4D using the new L-Runner and T-Runner scanners will be presented with before and after pictures of 5 patients.

LA&HA Symposium 2019

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