Edin Suljagic: Fractional Ablative Qs Nd:YAG - The Minimally Invasive Laser Therapy for Acne Scars

The recent introduction of the fractional ablative Qs Nd:YAG laser modality has opened new possibilities for the treatment of various scars. Ablative fractional scar revision appeared on the aesthetic market some ten years ago, and there are already well established therapies with other fractional ablative laser sources (like are Er:YAG and CO2). It is known that the results obtained with these lasers are quite good, but the treatments are associated with a certain downtime and sometimes also with complications. Now that the newer modality – ablative fractional Qs Nd:YAG – was introduced to the market by Fotona a few years ago, and with the launch of the StarWalker laser system, this modality has become easily available to practitioners.

In our clinic we started to use ablative fractional Qs Nd:YAG with the StarWalker laser system using the FS20A handpiece and MaQX (1-10) modalities for the treatment of acne scars. Having a long experiences with fractional ablative Er:YAG and CO2, we were able to quickly recognize the advantages of the new ablative fractional QS Nd:YAG modality, finding it less invasive and producing good results, with less downtime and a lower level of complications. In this presentation we shall show our first results from using this new modality for acne scars.

LA&HA Symposium 2019

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