Researcher Registration

Thank you for considering becoming a LA&HA researcher.

We appreciate your interest in contacting us to pursue research opportunities.

LA&HA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of research, education and publishing in the field of laser medicine. Our organization is geared to providing you with the support you may need in order to conduct investigations in the topics of your choice within the field of laser medical applications. Such support is focused, but not limited, to:

• Providing you with the analysis, tests and scientific background regarding lasers that may assist you in developing your project
• Assisting you in the organizational aspect of your research
• Contacting other researchers who have shown interest to participate in studies of your medical specialty and who may want to participate in the study you propose
• Connecting you with other registered researchers who are seeking colleagues who wish to participate in their proposed studies
• Providing you with assistance in the preparation and publishing of the study you conduct.

Researchers who complete their participation in any project receive a Laser and Health Academy scientific contribution certificate that acknowledges their accomplishments in that field.

In order to start your registration process, we would appreciate if you could provide us with some basic information regarding yourself and your areas of interest.  This will allow us to better understand how we can best support you.

Please download the following form, complete it and e-mail it to: Once we receive your information we will be in touch shortly.

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