LA&HA Symposium 2021

The LA&HA Symposium is a globally recognized platform created by the Laser and Health Academy to provide laser enthusiasts with a comprehensive educational experience of the latest developments from the field of laser medicine. The program features high-level industry experts and skilled professionals with first-hand insights into the latest developments and improvement of laser applications.

The LA&HA Symposium Scientific Program will be available online (all daily events will premiere at 8:00 am CET):

  • June 2nd - LA&HA Symposium Day 1 (Dentistry Sessions)
  • June 3rd - LA&HA Symposium Day 2 (Aesthetics & Dermatology Sessions)
  • June 4th - LA&HA Symposium Day 3 (Gynecology & Urology Sessions)

You will have the option to either watch the full program or ‘click & choose’ to see individual lectures in any order you wish at a time suitable to you.

Scientific Program

This year we have gathered an amazing panel of medical laser professionals who will cover the latest developments and research findings from the fields of:

  1. Dentistry Sessions – 2nd June 2021
    Find out more about the latest treatment approaches & laser innovations in the field of conservative dentistry, endodontics, periodontics, oral surgery, PBM and pain management, pediatric dentistry, anti-snoring treatment, aesthetics and much more.

  2. Aesthetics & Dermatology Sessions – 3rd June 2021
    This year the Aesthetics & Dermatology program will be especially exciting with the introduction of new laser procedures and further optimized safe and effective facial and body laser treatment protocols. These will be divided into three main sessions:
    - Facial aesthetics (includes Fotona4D®, novel VectorLift, microablation)
    - Body & Hair (includes revolutionary HaiRestart®, skin tightening and TightSculpting®, the latest developments in patient friendly and more effective hair removal)
    - Pigments (includes melasma and FracTAT® laser treatment, introduction of the StarWalker® PQX laser)

  3. Gynecology & Urology Sessions – 4th June 2021
    The last 12 months have been exceptionally fruitful for evidence-based laser gynecology & urology making an immense mark in the medical field. At this year’s LA&HA Symposium participants will have the opportunity to hear first-hand from laser specialists the most recent scientifically proven clinical results for safe, non-invasive, non-surgical and effective laser treatment of numerous indications such as stress urinary incontinence in both men and women, surgical and aesthetic gynecology and new emerging applications such as pleasure enhancement, vaginitis/candidiasis, HITS technology to name a few.

We look forward to being your host this year and meeting again virtually at the 11th LA&HA Symposium!

Call for Clinical Cases and Invitation for Participation

The Laser and Health Academy (LA&HA) invites you to submit clinical cases for the 2021 LA&HA Symposium to be held online from June 2nd to June 4th, 2021. This international event, co-hosted by Fotona, is designed to promote research and education among medical professionals in the field of laser medicine, with a focus on practical instruction and demonstrations of the latest laser techniques and procedures.

Submissions are encouraged from a wide range of laser applications in the fields of:

• Dentistry
• Aesthetics & Dermatology
• Gynecology & Urology

Submission, Presentation and Publishing

Authors of accepted clinical cases will have the opportunity to present their cases on the 2021 LA&HA Symposium website, either as a Clinical Note, a Research Summary or a Video presentation (please see Instructions for authors):

•  Clinical Note: a description of a single case or a small series of cases illustrating exceptional results (please see the following template and example).
Research Summary: a sharply focused description of a series of cases or research results.
•  Video Presentation: all authors are invited to also present their Clinical Note or Research Summary in the form of a short (5 minutes max) audio-video presentation (or PPT + audio presentation).

All accepted cases and video presentations will be featured on the 2021 LA&HA Symposium web page (for new participants registration is required). Submission of cases constitutes permission for LA&HA to publish cases in either printed or electronic format also on the LA&HA website and the Journal of the Laser and Health Academy.

Submission Process

• All clinical cases should be submitted to:

Submission Deadline

• Clinical Notes, Research Summaries and audio-video presentations must be submitted by May 23rd, 2021.

Review results are expected to be sent by email on or before June 1st, 2021.

You can find the recordings of 2021 LA&HA symposium below:

2021 LA&HA Symposium in Aesthetics

2021 LA&HA Symposium in Gynecology

2021 LA&HA Symposium in Dentistry

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